Would you take a drug to turn back time?


Drug for anti ageing could be available in two years.

A drug to stop us ageing and turn back time could be available in as little as two years. Scientists at the Mayo clinic have had highly significant results after anti-aging drug trials on mice and humans.
They are saying that the drugs were so successful that they could be on the market within two years.
The tests on mice extended their life by the equivalent of 30 human years and they still kept their eyes bright and skin glossy.
They tested the drugs on humans with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis in which lungs become scarred and restrict their breathing. The researchers reported dramatic results that were highly significant. Humans never usually see any improvement in their condition, but after nine doses over three months they were able to move faster and a lot further than before.
At this time there are six human trials ongoing, and six more due to start soon if they are a success the drug could be available in two years.
A geriatrician at the clinic remarked most people do not want to live to 130 and feel that age. But they wouldn’t mind living to 90 or 100 and feeling like 60.

Hoping to target Zombie cells.

They have called the treatment senolytics which induce the self destruct mechanism in Zombie cells so that they lose the ability to divide and replace them with healthy tissue. Zombie cells although alive, are dysfunctional cells. they clog up the body’s system which then leads to inflammation. It then releases harmful chemicals in critical areas of the body like lesions in heart attack patients, bones of people with osteoporosis and the joints of people with arthritis

Chronic age-related diseases tend to cluster, scientists, are attempting to target the process which can trigger the onset of these diseases. They hope to use a broad spectrum medication which would be similar to antibiotics to switch it off.


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