What family habit annoys you the most?


According to researchers from Privilege Home Insurance who commissioned the survey.Among some of the annoying habits that people we live with do ,we’re leaving the lights on in an empty room and weeing on the toilet seat.

Thirty eight percent were angry when a member of their family left a tap running and thirty-five percent were upset by people leaving dirty washing on the floor. Many were angry if family members kept looking at a screen while they were trying to hold a conversation.

Not doing the washing up was another annoying habit. The survey showed that a lot of people found their families really irritating and thirty-two percent said they were at their happiest when they were at home alone.

Saturday was the most annoying day of the week, which is the day most families were likely to be together. We have on average 109 rows a year and many said they have thought about booking into a hotel just to get some peace and quiet.

The study found that 27 year old women were the most irritating co-habitees. But by the time they are 69 they are the least infuriating.

We should all try to change just one of the things we do that annoys those we live with so that our homes could be more peaceful places.

Can you think of any other annoying habits your family does?




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