New no fault divorce law biggest change in 50 years.

There is a shake-up in divorce laws which will be the biggest change in 50 years.

Irretrievable breakdown will become the sole reason for divorce, and only one party will have to state the marriage is over. The legal right for a husband or wife to contest a divorce will be dropped too.

The three grounds for an at-fault divorce at the moment are adultery, unreasonable behaviour, and desertion. But under the new law, you will be able to get a no-fault divorce.

It follows many years of campaigning by judges and family lawyers, who have been trying to remove the idea of fault. Because it can increase conflict which reduces the chance of reconciliation and can undermine relationships with children.

The new law will allow one partner to declare the marriage has irretrievably broken down. A cooling off period of six months for reflection, and to turn back before the divorce is finalised will be given.

A husband or wife who wants to save their marriage will not be able to block the process.

Some officials are worried that when the new law comes into operation there may be a rise in divorce by couples rushing to take advantage of it.

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