Infant school has to employ someone to change nappies.



An infant school has employed someone who is dedicated to changing nappies, because of the number of children starting school without being toilet trained.

The unnamed school said it was one of the many examples of how some children are not ready to start school. Head teachers have raised concerns that many children are two or three years behind.

Many of the children starting school are not able to use knives and forks properly or correctly wash their hands and faces,

Some children can not dress themselves, or go to the toilet on their own, or are still wearing nappies.

For some parents getting children prepared and ready for school is not a priority. Sure Start Centres used to tackle these issues but because of austerity, they were scrapped.

The NHS uk advise that by the age of four,children are expected to be dry during the day,with only some wetting the bed at night.

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