Former Kingdom litter worker blows lid on litter wardens underhand ways.




A former litter warden who worked for Kingdom litter services has admitted to the underhand ways they use to catch people.

The former litter enforcement officer claims that they have been hiding in cars and following people. Wardens are also being told to fine people while not witnessing an offence, and targeting smokers. So that they can achieve their four a day ticket quota.

He  worked in Grimsby for six months, and claims that he was the top ticketer in the area, and he was let go for not fining enough people. When he was with kingdom he gave out approximately 300 tickets which would be worth about £30,000. Most of the fines were for people dropping cigarettes.

The man is proud of the improvements they made to deter people from littering. But is not happy with them asking him to target people in an unfair way.

It could include following people, hiding in cars so they could not be seen which is called blagging tickets. Also removing their body cameras, and claiming to see an offence when they hadn’t. He claims that team leaders from other area were bought in to show them how to carry out underhand tactics.

He said he would have no sympathy with people fined for littering if the litter wardens were visible, but many times we weren’t.

A lot of the grievances that angry residents had against them were true. He believes it was wrong that a lady was followed into a doctors waiting room.

According to the man the big money maker today is the Boating Lake were he has watched officers hiding in a car before jumping out and fining people.

He says it is ok fining people who drop litter if we are visible,if someone throws litter on the floor they should know what to expect. But it is devious to be hiding from people.

He believes that the council should bring the service in house. They could then reap the benefits of the fines, and not have to use Kingdom and their unfair tactics.

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