It’s been confirmed drinking gin and tonic helps you lose weight.



Scientists have confirmed that drinking gin and tonic every day helps you to lose weight.

Many of us enjoy having an ice cold glass of gin and tonic. Drinking it in moderation is most important. Because it is the only way you can appreciate the amazing taste of a well-mixed G&T.

According to a Latvian study by researchers from the Sigulda University, gin and tonic is not only delicious it helps you lose weight.

The study found that gin boosts your body’s ability to burn calories for one hour after drinking it. The drink is made from antioxidant-rich juniper berries which speed up your metabolism.

Juniper berries are also used to aid digestion and relieve a bloated stomach. In 2008 the Diabetes Nursing journal found that gin is the best and safest drink for diabetics. So gin can improve our digestion and metabolism brilliant news for gin lovers.

However please drink sensibly.


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