Ørsted Great Grimsby 10k picks up the pace in its fourth year

Ørsted Great Grimsby 10k picks up the pace in its fourth year

The buzz of the Ørsted Great Grimsby 10k is coming back to Grimsby on 21 July for its fourth year.

People can sign up now at for just £17 or £15 for affiliated running club members.

Local runner Charli Parkin, 25, of Cleethorpes, shared her inspirational story of the Ørsted Great Grimsby 10k.

Charli said: “I started running after a big life change. I had just bought my first house and had moved into it on my own. I needed something that could help me balance my work life and the transition of living on my own to keep my mind and body healthy and I chose to run.”

Charli added: “When I started running I couldn’t go for one minute without needing to stop and recover for two minutes.

“This showed me really clearly where my fitness level was and I knew I could do better.

“A colleague of mine who was a long time runner suggested that I sign up for the 2017 Grimsby 10k.

“It gave me that push I needed to start training regularly and of course the stamina to keep going!

“I started the Couch to 5k to help me get going using the training plans online.”

Charli said: “I wanted to run the Grimsby 10k for a cause and I chose CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) which is a movement against male suicide. I was already an advocate of mental health because depression and suicide had affected my family and friends and I wanted to support the great work that they do. My journey into fitness and running really took off, all starting with the Grimsby 10k.”

She added: “I have now completed two successful Grimsby 10k runs and two half marathons.

“I have raised in total just over £1,200 for CALM and £250 for St. Andrews Hospice.

“I’m a feminist and believe in body positivity and running fed into that interest.

“It wasn’t about losing weight or looking a certain way, it was just about doing something positive and healthy for myself.

“I know getting into the habit of running has helped me de-stress and keep my mind clear on a weekly basis and during different ups-and-downs over the years so I’m really glad I signed up to the 10k.

“The most I had ever run before was after the ice cream truck but now I find myself running for fun!”

Offering advice to any potential runners, Charli said: “I would say to anyone who is thinking of running a 10k is just to sign up. You don’t need to be a professional and it really is so rewarding, once you are signed up you are more likely to start training. Only compete with yourself and work towards finish lines not finish times.”

If you have a story to share about why you’re running the Ørsted Great Grimsby 10k, please email

The Ørsted Great Grimsby 10k is more than a race; it raises thousands of pounds for local charities and brings people together to support the runners and the community on the whole.

Emma Toulson, Lead Stakeholder Advisor for Ørsted UK, said: “Stories like Charli’s are exactly what the Grimsby 10k is all about and are a real inspiration. The event really sums up the strong sense of community here in Grimsby and it’s a delight to be a part of it. We hope that many others will be inspired to dust off their trainers and get involved to support the amazing work done by local charities.”

The 2019 Ørsted Great Grimsby 10K takes place on Sunday 21 July 2019 and starts at 10am outside Grimsby Town Hall.

Entries are filling up fast so anyone who would like to run is encouraged to sign up at quickly.

Runners enjoy water, sponge and sweet stations and a medal and t-shirt at the end to show friends and family!

Race director Nicola Pattison, from organiser Tape2Tape, said:

“I was born and raised in Grimsby so it’s wonderful to be able to put on this race. We love seeing everyone outdoors on the day supporting the runners and enjoying the party in People’s park after the race. Running has done great things for so many people. We’ve talked to loads of Grimsby 10k runners who ran to raise money for loved ones, to improve their mental health or their fitness. It’s great to be a part of their story and to see them shared here. We get more and more excited every year because the race keeps growing and getting better year on year.”

Last year’s Ørsted Great Grimsby 10K helped raise around £15,000 directly for the seven charities from race entries, fundraiser places and other initiatives.

A £1 donation is made from every race entry into a fund shared between the event’s charity partners – Harbour Place, RNLI, Marie Curie, St Andrew’s Hospice, Grimsby Rotary Club, The Health Tree Foundation and Inspire TCI.

The total amount raised for charity is believed to be much higher after the many people taking part on behalf of charities are taken into account.

Hundreds of volunteering opportunities are also created for local people making the Ørsted Great Grimsby 10k much more than a race. Volunteers can sign up at

Entry fees are kept low in comparison to other race events thanks to the generosity of the sponsors.

There’s is also a 2k Family Fun run that starts and finishes under the same arches as the main race.

You can follow the Ørsted Great Grimsby 10k using #GY10K on social media for news and race photos:

Facebook: Tape2TapeEvents

Instagram: @tape2tapeuk

Twitter: @Tape2TapeEvents

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