Children who help out with household chores do better at school.

Helping with chores makes school lessons a whole lot easier.

Parents have now been given the perfect thing to say by scientists. If your  children refuse to help with household chores. You can tell them that helping with chores will make their school lessons a whole lot easier.

 Children who help with household chores are better at maths and science.

It was found that children who do the dishes or tidy are better at maths and science. They also have greater self-confidence which helps them to be more sociable and happier according to researchers.

Children who very rarely help around the house are 30 percent more likely to be dissatisfied with life.Paediatricians studied almost 10,000 primary school children.

Experts are of the belief that doing chores helps children to develop the self-confidence which drives academic, social and career success.

Dr. Elizabeth White who led the research finds it reassuring that the traditional parent practices, like enforcing household chores is associated with positive child development.

The academic results of  9,971 children aged around nine were compared including reading, maths and science. And levels of competence with the number of chores carried out at home.

Children who did the most chores were had more self -confidence.

The children who did the most chores scored better academically and they also had higher self-confidence.  Children who rarely did chores were more likely to be in the bottom group for self-assessed life satisfaction by 27 percent and were less likely to say they were good academically.

Children who rarely did chores were also in the bottom group for relationships with other children by 24 percent. The children who did chores performed better in maths, reading, and science tests.

Carrying out household chores at a young age is associated with the development of self-confidence in early childhood

The research was published in the Journal of Developmental & Behavioural Paediatrics.

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