Politicians got the wrong date for St George’s Day.


The Labour Party tweeted Happy St George’s day on Bank Holiday Monday. Then Prime Minister Theresa May tried to correct it by posting on her Twitter that the St George’s cross flies above Downing Street today to mark the feast day of England’s patron saint.

But the Church of England has let the politicians know that they have all got the day wrong. This year St George’s day falls on April 29th and not the usual date of April 23rd.

The rules of the church say that in order to prevent an overlap with a major festival like Easter if a saint’s day falls during Easter week it is held the following week. The Chuch of England says it is literally a moveable feast. According to church rules, no feast days are allowed to be marked during Easter week.

If St George’s and St Mark’s day falls between Palm Sunday and the second Sunday of Easter. It is then transferred to the Second Sunday of Easter, which in this case will be April 29th.

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