Quiet zones maybe be enforced on public transport.


The firm behind oyster cards is investigating how they can jam smartphones in order to enforce quiet zones on tubes, trains and buses.

It would stop us getting irritated as fellow passengers talk loudly into their mobiles.  The firm behind oyster cards wants to enforce quiet zones to keep peace and quiet on public transport.

Cubic Transportation Systems invention was revealed in a European patent. The system they are looking at could jam so accurately that half a carriage could get network coverage. But the other half would not.

There would be a visual indicator by the seat to warn of the noise rules. Incoming callers would be sent an automated text message to tell them the person they are trying to reach is not available.

The method of getting into peoples phones could be achieved through a multifunctional personalised travel and e-ticket app. The patent says that if a passenger wanted to sit in a noise-free section of the transport they could set their app preference accordingly.

Those people breaking the rules could be warned and possibly have their ticket invalidated or even get fined. This could be done through the multi-use app.

The chairman of the Global Cyber Security Academy. Thinks it would be challenging to isolate so many mobile signals in one place.


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