Most Brits prefer no hugging please

Most Brits prefer no hugging please

A survey by Totaljobs found that most of us when meeting someone for the first time are only comfortable with a formal handshake.

As expected married people and couples are happy for their partners to touch any part of their body.

The majority of people that were questioned were relaxed about friends and close family touching their torso and faces.

Most of the people said strangers were banned from touching their body even a pat on the arm.

People enjoyed it if they were touched by someone they shared a bond with. It was found that people of both sexes were not as comfortable being touched by a man.

In other research it emerged that a lot of people want an end to physical contact in offices.

An awkward encounter was suffered with a colleague by a third of adults. Totaljobs surveyed 2,000 adults and a quarter avoided others because of their behaviour. A ban on physical contact was supported by three quarters of adults.

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