Now a museum wants vessels to be gender neutral!




In a move that could change the launching of a boat from using the word God Bless her and all who sale in her.

One of The leading museums wants to make sailing vessels gender neutral. Ships have been referred to as  She and given feminine names. But a gender-neutral title is to be introduced by the Scottish Maritime Museum they are to call them it.

They say that signs on exhibits with the words “She” and “Her” have been vandalised. But critics have accused them of caving into a handful of politically correct protesters.

The director of the museum said they are looking to phase in gender-neutral signs.  Which will recognise the changes in society.

A vandal has targeted the interpretation signs for the second time and they are very expensive to replace for a small charity.

One person said all vessels are “She” amazingly no vessel has been recorded as possessing either set of genitalia.

Nobody is certain why ships are regarded as female. Some old sailors say Like a Woman a ship is unpredictable. But experts think it is more likely relates to a goddess and mother figures playing a protective role in looking after a ship and crew.

Admiral Lord West a Falklands hero and former First Sea Lord is incensed. That the maritime Museum has bowed in to pressure to stop calling ships and boats “She.’


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