Almost 100 homes to be built on land opposite Hewitts Circus and Tesco.



Almost 100 homes are to be built on land opposite Hewitts Circus and Tesco.

The application to build homes next to Hewitts Circus roundabout and Tesco has been approved by the building inspectorate.

The Strawberry Field development was given the go-ahead despite concerns from local people.

New Waltham Parish Council believes that the site access could be a problem in the area. Our local councilors had the same concerns and thought the site would not be able to take so many properties.

YPS submitted their application in October 2017 to North East Lincolnshire planning committee. At that time the planning committee could not make a full decision on the development. It was then postponed until September 2018.

YPG then put an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate, on the grounds that the council had failed to decide on the planning application within the prescribed time.


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