Good News if you are a chocoholic but only sometimes.


Good News if you are a chocoholic but only sometimes.

Sometimes it is so hard to resist that chocolate bar or a packet of crisps, especially on special occasions like Christmas or Easter. But now scientists have found that overindulging over five days is not quite as bad for our health as they thought.

Overindulging over a five day period does not trigger long term body changes that may lead to diabetes. Researchers studied how the body would deal with changes in blood sugar during feasting.

They let a group of healthy lean men of around 22 years of age and let them eat 1,000 extra calories a day for five days. Which included indulging in crisps, chocolate, and high-calorie meal replacement drinks.

Longer term overeating saw raised blood sugar levels and insulin levels. Body mass and fat mass did not increase by very much. But the five-day bingers found that the body compensated for the extra calories.

It was reported that Glucose and insulin were not altered by five days of overeating but were increased after 28 days. Also, body mass was increased after 28 days. The researchers said that long term indulgence in fatty food could be an important factor that causes rapid changes in blood sugar control.

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