Why do people park on school keep – clear and zigzag road markings outside schools?



Why do people park on school keep clear road markings?

Why do some people still think it’s ok to park on school keep -clear Zigzags?

Vehicles that park on school keep clear Zigzags can obstruct the vision of children, which make it dangerous when they are trying to cross the road. Yellow line restrictions are put in place for a reason. They are there to provide safety for pupils and other road users.

No vehicle should park on the yellow zigzag or even stop to let out passengers. Parking on keep -clear Zigzags is both dangerous and illegal.

Child shaped bollards that give the impression they are about to cross the road were used by Leicester council to help enforce the 20mph speed limit near one school. The danger to children was highlighted by the fact was soon knocked over.

The crossing Lady near one of our local schools gave her job up as there to many inconsiderate drivers who failed to stop and did not take any notice of the 20mph signs.  The school told us that when traffic wardens are present there will be an improvement in inconsiderate drivers but the next day some drivers will be back to being just as inconsiderate. Unfortunately, traffic wardens only attend occasionally.

Why do you think some drivers are so inconsiderate near our schools?



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