Gardening is just as good as going to the gym.


Gardening is just as good as going to the gym.

You don’t need to sweat it out at the gym to be healthy. Because gardening has been found to be just as healthy. A study collected data over more than 11 years and had 90,000 participants all around the world.

The study found that pruning and planting out in the garden had as many benefits as going to the gym. Over many weeks they measured leisure time physical activity of each person and then compared it to various forms of death like cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Some of the activities measured were dancing, walking and gardening anything that was enjoyed more than going to the gym. It was found that for people who do these activities for 10 to 59 minutes a week it led to an 18% lower risk of death during the lifetime of the study.

More physical activity of 150 to 299 minutes of activity a week decreased the risk, even more, resulting in a 31% decrease in mortality. Gardening is also linked with an increase in quality of life and has long been known to help with depression and anxiety.

Gardening also helps the elderly as it is believed to result in fewer falls and even lower the need for some medications.

So you need to ditch the gym and pick up the shears instead, your garden will benefit as well as your health.

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