School banned pupil from eating a sausage roll.


School banned pupil from eating a sausage roll.

A mum was furious when a teacher banned her son from eating a homemade healthy sausage roll that she had packed in his lunch box.

The mum alleged that the food was sent home with a condescending note from the teacher saying it was too high in fat.

Other parents have told us there children’s schools do not allow juice. One parent told grimsbyindependent that her son is not keen on water or milk. He was not drinking anything in the day and she had to obtain a doctors note to allow him to have juice. Another parent was critical that children were allowed crisps or a chocolate bar only on Fridays in their packed lunch. Yet the school dinners consisted of pizza, pie, and fish fingers and chips also puddings.

Have you ever had trouble with your child’s school about the contents of their lunch box?

Do you think schools are right to control what your child eats at school?


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