Using Apple Pay at a drive-thru could mean a £200 fine.



Using Apple Pay at a drive-thru could end in a £200 fine and six points.

New drivers using Apple Pay or Google Pay at drive-thru restaurants could receive an instant ban. This would apply if they are caught using their phone at the wheel at any time. People who have held their licence for less than two years are only allowed six points.

Driver awareness courses that avoid fines or points are not offered to first-time offenders, and if the case goes to court the £200 fine could be increased to £1,000.

A lot of people were shocked because they believed that because fast food restaurants are on private land the Road Traffic Act would not apply. But it does as Police confirmed.

They said if your engine is off and your handbrake on and you’re parked it is ok, but if your engine is on you can not pay at a drive-thru using your phone.

According to the RAC, you could face the same penalty for vaping. In certain circumstances vaping as your driving is against the law according to police. Vaping itself is not illegal the main concern is the amount of smoke produced and if it is obscuring the driver’s view of the road.

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