Apple recalls certain plug adaptors.


Apple recalls certain plug adaptors.

Apple has asked customers to stop using certain plug adaptors because of the risk of an electric shock.

Apple has issued a recall of two types of plug. The wall plug adaptor shipped with Macs and some ios devices between 2003 and 2010, also a three-pronged plug included in the World Travel Adapter Kit.

The plugs affected were shipped in the UK, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Apple said that six incidents have been reported. Apple said in a statement that in very rare cases the affected Apple three-prong wall plug adaptors, w hich are designed primarily for use in the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Hong Kong may break and create an electrical shock if exposed metal parts are touched.

Apple says customer safety is their top priority and they have voluntarily decided to exchange affected wall plug adaptors with a new one free of charge.  They have not said how many people had received electric shocks.

The affected plugs are white with no letters on the inside slot. While newer versions are white with grey on the inside and have a dimple on the side. Which makes them easier to unplug.

Apple USB power adaptors are not affected.

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