Together for Childhood backs NSPCC’s campaign

Together for Childhood backs NSPCC’s campaign encouraging Grimsby parents to talk, sing and play with their baby to help build their brain

Together for Childhood in Grimsby has hosted a successful launch of an NSPCC national campaign, ‘Look, Say, Sing, Play’, which aims to show parents why taking a cue from their young child and reacting to what they’re doing is so important.

Almost two thirds of parents are unaware that back and forth interaction with their child from birth can help their babies’ social, emotional and cognitive development*.

The campaign aims to encourage parents to take a look at what their baby is focusing on and how they react, say what they are doing and copy the sounds their baby makes, sing along to their favourite tune or play simple games and see what their baby enjoys.

Over 70 professionals and local parents with their babies attended the launch organised by The Together for Childhood project at the new Grant Thorold Forest school. The day involved practical workshops for the professionals working with families in Grimsby, and a lunchtime LSSP play session for local parents and their young children.


One mum, of 2 year old Alex (pictured), was impressed with the resources, she said “I really like the campaign. I am a firm believer in peaceful parenting, I don’t believe in shouting and this interaction is all about that too.” Another parent at the lunchtime session said: “When I meet with other mums, it is clear why their children aren’t as social or developing as rapidly as my little boy, they just aren’t talking enough to their children.”


A message endorsed by another mum, after chatting with NSPCC practitioners at the event she said: “I like the campaign, I thought the ideas behind Look Say Sing Play were just what you do as a parent anyway, but I can see how some parents could be too embarrassed. Before I had my little girl I used to be really nervous about singing, even in a crowd, I would just mime but now I am the loudest voice there. It is so important and I think my daughter is the happier for it.”


Delegates at the LSSP launch received campaign resources (leaflets, posters, flashcards) to share with new parents, plus information about how to run their own activity sessions with parents and under 2’s. As part of the Look Say Sing Play local offer, the NSPCC Service Centre in Freshney Green will be delivering ‘Sharing the science’ workshops to groups of parents or children free of charge.


Helen Westerman, NSPCC Campaigns Manager for Yorkshire, said: “I am really pleased with how both professionals and parents on the day really engaged with the ideas behind Look Say Sing Play. It is not about changing parents’ routines or adding pressure to professionals’ workloads but recognising those brain-building moments with baby, to do it more consciously and give them the best start in life.”


To get weekly tips, parents can sign up to an email from the charity via the campaign page on the NSPCC website. Each one will include a fun, age-appropriate tip which they can easily fit in to their daily routine.

The NSPCC has also created a campaign video with tips for parents.

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