Humberside Police rated good for the first time.


Humberside Police have been rated good for the first time.

Humberside Police have been rated good by an HMIC report and it is the first time in its history. The Police Cheif Mr. Lee Freeman has welcomed the new report.

On the South Bank, there are now a hundred more officers on the beat. Out of the 230 new recruits who have joined the police force in the past 20 months. There will be a renewed commitment to neighbourhood policing to curb anti-social behaviour.

But the number of PCSO posts will be reduced by fifty. There are currently two hundred and twenty-eight but this will drop to one hundred and eighty over the next year. There will be more new recruits to the police in Grimsby and Scunthorpe areas in the coming months.

With one hundred new police officers on the South Bank, they have made a massive input which has seen arrests and detection rates go up. In a survey of staff morale, it showed Humberside Police one of the best in the country with sickness levels dropping significantly.

The HMIC also said that the forces control room had shown the biggest improvement.  The forces reputation was plagued for years as it was repeatedly rated as inadequate. But now it has one of the best call response rates in the country and it also has better response rates.

There will now be more visible policing in the Grimsby area. The Cheif Constable of Humberside made a commitment to get back to basics.

People, when asked, say that most of the troubles they have in the area are anti-social behaviour , drug taking and in some areas drug dealing tackling that will be a priority.


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