Instagram may hide the number of likes.


Instagram may hide the number of likes.

Instagram announced that it may get rid of the number of likes on posts. It is in an attempt to make the site less pressurised.

Instagram a picture sharing site is popular among teenagers and young adults. It has been accused of fuelling cyberbullying. It has also been accused of allowing communities which glorify self-harm and eating disorders.

The company which is owned by Facebook is trialling a scheme in Canada where the number of likes under each image is hidden. Users would be able to see who had liked their post, but the total number of interactions would be hidden.

The chief said he wanted to make it a less pressurised environment. They want people to worry less about how many likes they get on Instagram and spend more time interacting with people they care about.

He said they aspire to lead the fight against online bullying, but he stressed that this could take years.

It is also testing an away mode also which would give the opportunity to block themselves temporarily from the site in times of stress.

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