Mum left half used toiletries as a tip.



A mum left half used toiletries as a tip.

A mum has been criticised by many people on social media. For what she thought was a thoughtful gesture.

She left a note for the cleaners after her holiday saying she had left the half used toiletries and included a few small toys and sweets for the little ones.The note also thanked the cleaner for cleaning the room.

The mum’s intentions were good but that did not stop her for being demeaning and rude.

With one person saying surely the cleaners would rather have money as a tip rather than left over toiletries. She thinks it is rather demeaning. Another thought that if someone left her left over toiletries she would find it very rude.

Others thought it was a lovely gesture and thought the cleaner would have been grateful.

What is your opinion do you think it was a lovely gesture?

Or do you think it was demeaning?



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    • Yvonne , May 4, 2019 @ 1:57 pm

      I think the gesture was well intended , not everybody has money to leave as a tip
      that was obviously expected ,no matter how well a job you have done

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