Percy pig sweets go veggie.


Percy pig sweets go veggie.

People in the UK have been sweet on Percy pig sweets for 27 years.

But Marks and Spencer’s has annoyed some fans who claim bosses have ruined them by making them vegetarian.

The chain has changed the recipe and ditched pork gelatine. Marks and Spencer’s say the change has had no impact on the taste of the sweets, but some angry customers disagree.

They already have a vegetarian version of Percy Pig but now the whole range is gelatine free. Which has annoyed many of their customers.

A shopper said we have loved Percy Pigs for years but having bought a pack recently my children and I strongly disliked the taste and never ate them. Have the ingredients changed ? What a shame if they have changed after all these years.

Have you tasted the new Percy Pig sweets, did you notice a difference?

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