Conservatives have early start on Toll Bar!

Conservatives have early start on Toll Bar!

After only a matter of hours in Office the Conservative Party have made a flying start on keeping to their Manifesto by putting an initial halt on the Toll Bar roundabout plans.

The pause was discussed with council officers and it has been confirmed contracts haven’t been signed to start work.

New leader of the Council Phillip Jackson said,

We are simply complying with our Election Manifesto and at 9am we met Rob Walsh the Chief Executive to discuss this.

We are in a position to confirm the contract for the removal of Toll Bar Roundabout and replacement with traffic lights has not been signed, therefore, we have agreed to put an immediate halt on that project while we look at other alternatives there might be.”

Many are looking at the Toll Bar issue as a deciding factor in this years election with the Labour party accused of ignoring the people and a petition with over 10,000 signatures.


More updates to follow

Picture Source:  BBC News



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    • Sharon , May 3, 2019 @ 3:22 pm

      I knew it, here they come riding in on their big chargers to save the day ( roundabout) and when it doesn’t work a little way down the road ( pardon the pun) the people that voted them in won’t be able to get rid of them

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