Having a free bus pass leads to a happier life.


Having a free bus pass leads to a happier life.

Research has found that those people who have a free bus pass have a happier life. They found that pensioners who receive a free bus pass are more likely to enjoy a better quality of life, and greater life satisfaction, they also have fewer symptoms of depression than those who do not have a free bus pass.

The study also discovered that older people with bus passes are less socially isolated and also more physically active than those without one. Last week peers said that pensioners should be stripped of outdated perks like free bus passes to make Britain fairer for young people.

The main author of the study said this research has shown that free bus travel offers clear benefits to older peoples health and wellbeing. It helps them stay active and have better contact with friends and family, which then helps with their mental and physical

The research looked at surveys of 5,861 people eligible for free bus travel in England.

Do you think having a bus pass makes you happier?


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