Owners are warned that treating pets like humans could be life- threatening.


Owners are warned that treating pets like humans could be life-threatening.

According to new research treating our pets like humans could be life-threatening.   Because the chances of medicines becoming ineffective are increased.

Some forms of affectionate behaviour pose an antibiotic resistance risk to families and their domestic pets, scientists have discovered.  And the over-prescription of drugs contributes to the problem.

The study by Glasgow Caledonian University health.  Psychologist Adele Dickson found that close contact with pets can spread drug-resistant bugs between them.

Dr. Dickson owns a two-year-old golden retriever and says that close contact could put pet owners, children, and their pets at risk of transferring bugs that are resistant to antibiotics through saliva.

She advises that any open wounds be covered to minimise the risk of transferring anything from skin to skin.  Avoid kissing pets on the mouth, do not let them lick the mouth or nose, and wash hands after stroking animals.

Scientists ask people to adopt changes that reduce the risk of building life-threatening resistance to antibiotics. Including having a discussion with vets and GPs about the need for antibiotics.

They say we shouldn’t panic as the risk of transmission for most people being affectionate toward their pets is fairly low.



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