Do noisy eating and loud gum chewing drive you crazy?


Do noisy eating and loud gum chewing drive you crazy?

Apparently, this is a neurological condition and it is called misophonia and is more common than you think. So if every crunch of cereal or slurp of soup makes you want to scream you may have a neurological condition.

Misophonia is a severe sensitivity to sounds like chewing, coughing, yawning and more. When it was formally named in 2001 many people were a skeptic and questioned if it was a real condition. But a study showed that people with the disorder have a difference in the brains frontal lobe.

This causes an intense reaction to noise and could lead to a faster heart rate and sweating. In February further study published in the journal Applied, Cognitive Psychology found a noise which can be as subtle as chewing gum is enough to impact academic performance.

A few people have more extreme misophonia and can find themselves completely distracted by the noises. And they may find that they need cognitive behavioural therapy.

The professor of cognitive neurology at Newcastle University and University College London. Found that he was initially skeptical until he saw patients in the clinic and then understood how strikingly similar the conditions are.


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