Teachers are quitting because parents will not accept their children being told off.


Parents are quitting because parents will not accept their children being told off.

The Education Secretary has warned that pushy parents are driving teachers out of their jobs.  Because they are ranting on social media when their children get told off.

A minority of parents have been launching online campaigns against teachers when they don’t agree with discipline policies. Damien Hinds is going to reveal plans to update guidance for heads and teachers on what they should do if they are cyberbullied by parents or pupils.

He warned that school teachers are in charge of schools and it is so important for good behaviour and good discipline so that everyone knows where they stand. These cases are from a small miniority of parents.Who are quick to say why are you taking this action against my child.

Behaviour is one of the key things that teachers consider before leaving the profession. When parents or grandparents are asked what do you care about most in the school system 82% consider good discipline in the class a key factor when choosing a school for their child.

Recently Mr. Hinds met a group of children who said the most thing they wanted to change about their school was the kids that have come not ready and not wanting to learn.

He has launched a £10 million project to try to stop bad behaviour in schools. There will be headteachers from a network who have a track record for improving discipline. They will provide support for other schools. And from next year mentor schools to give advise on issues including sanction and reward mechanisms and detention. Currently, a third of schools are judged by Ofsted as not having good enough behaviour.

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