There are nearly 3 million vehicles on the roads with lethal faults.


There are nearly three million vehicles on the roads with lethal faults.

Nearly 3 million vehicles that have been recalled with faults that could potentially be lethal are still on the roads. There has been a serious surge in the number of cars, vans, and lorries that have been flagged up with serious safety fears.

The vehicles safety watchdog found that a total of 2,988,543 of vehicles including 2.4 million cars have not yet been repaired. So this means that one in 13 licensed vehicles have a safety recall notice that has not been acted on.

The safety recalls are issued by manufacturers if there is a potentially dangerous fault in a particular make or model. They send a letter to every affected driver.  Which advises them to book their vehicle into an approved garage to be fixed free of charge.

Officials are very concerned that huge numbers of drivers ignore the recall letters or forget to take action. Ministers are to consider stopping drivers passing the MOT if they fail to bring in their vehicles to deal with problems.

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