Pope Francis advises people not to gossip.



Pope Francis advise people not to gossip.

When Pope Francis met a group of hairdressers who were on a pilgrimage to the Vatican last week. He advised them to do their job in the Christian way and not fall into the temptation of gossip. Which he said was easily associated with the work they do.

The Pope has spoken previously about how he hates gossiping. He likened it to throwing a bomb and running away.  But according to a psychologist, gossip is an essential part of what makes the social world tick. The nasty side of gossip overshadows the more benign ways in which it functions.

Gossip could be thought of as not a character flaw but as a highly evolved skill. People who can not do it well will often have difficulty maintaining relationships, and often find themselves on the outside looking in. As social creatures, we are hardwired to gossip.

Do you agree with the Popes extreme views?

Or do you love a good gossip?

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