Women start turning into their mothers when they hit 33.



Women start turning into their mothers when they hit 33.

Many women don’t like the idea of turning into their mothers and they try to avoid it at all costs.

But it may be inevitable according to new research. When women hit 33 they officially begin turning into their mum a new study claims. You begin picking up her habits, tastes, and attitudes, which probably you never thought you’d have. If the woman has recently had their first child this is especially the case.

The behaviour included adopting the same sayings, the same hobbies and also watching the same television programs as their mum.

Harley Street surgeon Dr. Julian De Silva conducted the research he spoke to 2,000 men and women as part of the study.

The research also found that men began to turn into their dads at the age of 34. They started liking the same music as their dads and the same political viewpoints.

Do you find yourself saying the same things as your mother used to say?

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