Men, holding doors open is the key to a woman’s heart.


Men, holding doors open is the key to a woman’s heart.

If your a gentleman who holds the door open for a woman take heed. Old fashioned chivalry is seen as an attractive trait by most women.

And even feminists, find men more attractive when they do such things as offering his coat, opening doors, carrying heavy boxes and helping her use a computer and buying flowers.

A hundred women were asked to imagine being in a relationship with two men, one of them would do all the above things. The women all found him warmer, and more interested in relationships and more willing to commit, although a few women found it patronising.

Well-meaning and kindly sexism is very close to chivalry. One of the reasons women like this is because it signals to them that a man is willing to invest. In two other experiments on 400 women, they found that benevolent sexist men were seen as more attractive by even the strongest feminists.




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