Couples are too busy surfing the net to have sex.

Couples are to busy surfing the net to have sex.

According to a major study, there has been a steep decline in our sexual activity since 2001. With fewer than half of Britons having sex at least once a week.

The blame was put partly on couples being too distracted to focus on each other, because of taking digital devices to bed with them.

By analysing the sex lives of 34,000 men and women they found that activity between the sheets had fallen sharply between 2001 and 2012 as the internet became more widespread. Which was seen in the number of people who said they didn’t have any sex the previous month. And the highest decline was in people over 25 who were married or living together.

The pace of modern life is leaving people with far less time for themselves, and middle-aged couples who are trying to juggle childcare and work were the worst affected according to the study.

Many people believe that other people have more regular sex than them. they can be reassured they are not out of line.

The study author Kaye Wellings of the London School Of Hygiene and Tropical medicine believes the boundary between the private space of our home and the public world outside is blurred. And the internet offers a lot of scope for diversion. Life in our digital age is a lot more complex than in previous eras.


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