Dognappers are on the increase.


Dognappers are on the increase.

For the fourth year in a row, dog thefts have risen to a rate of around five a day. Dognapping increased by 4% last year to 1,959 compared with 1,879 in 2017 according to Police figures.

Flat-faced breeds which are fashionable and have been made popular by celebrity owners are targeted increasingly. Because they can be sold for high prices.

Thefts of pugs have soared by 500%in a year they were the fifth most stolen last year. French bulldogs were the fourth most stolen breed. The most commonly stolen dog is the Staffordshire bull terrier. Crossbreeds like Labradoodles were the second most commonly stolen dog. Chihuahuas were the third most stolen.

Police figures which Direct Line Insurance obtained reveal that only 17% of stolen dogs are returned to their owners.

Dogs are a major part of our family and if a dog is stolen it is heartbreaking causing so much distress and trauma.

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