Grimsby 501 Darts League Summer 2019

Grimsby 501 Darts League Summer 2019

On week 2 13/5/19 Hayden Newbegin, John Riches, Richard Foster and Graham Field took full advantage of week 1 leader not being in attendance take results which leapfrogged Callum Jewitt in the league, however Callum does have a game in hand to play to catch the mentioned players.

Hayden Newbegin and John Riches are the only players to carry on their 100% winning form after week 2. Winning both their games on the night they was involved in.

New player to the league Daniel Keaney was in attendance tonight and proved too tough to beat for his opponents Jordan Waller and Gary Smith as Danny won both games.

David East had a very good night in his second week in the league taking a draw VS ash newbegin and a win VS Alicia Briggs. Tony Newbegin with his improving form had a match up VS the winter league champion Daz mawer, Tony took Daz rather close however the winter league champ came out on to winning 4-2. The winter league champ this result was the first win in the summer league season. Tonys other game on the night was VS Stewart May the game ended in a draw and ended up being the only point the pair earned on the night. Stewart’s other fixture was against a tough opponent in Richard fozzie Foster the result was 4-0 to Fozzie.

Jordan Waller is a player showing so much improvement and it is certainly showing in his results as he won VS Lee Burch and got a draw VS Gary Smith but as already mentioned Danny Keaney proved 1 step too far for Jordan.

After week 2 only 2 active players are still to earn a point this year, although results do not say to how well the pair are playing namely Stuart Cox and Alicia Briggs.

Top 5 positions

  1. Hayden Newbegin 8 points
  2. John Riches  8 points
  3. Richard Foster 7 points
  4. Graham Field 6 points
  5. Callum Jewitt 5 points

Full results of week 2 13/5/19

Alicia Briggs 0-4 Graham Field

Ash Newbegin 3-3 David East

Daniel Keaney 4-2 Gary Smith

John Riches 4-2 Mark Braithwaite

Stewart May 0-4 Richard Foster

Jordan Waller 4-0 Lee Burch

Stuart Cox 0-4 Hayden Newbegin

Tony Newbegin 2-4 Daz Mawer

David East 4-2 Alicia Briggs

Gary Smith 3-3 Jordan Waller

Graham Field 4-0 Stuart Cox

Lee Burch 0-4 Hayden Newbegin

Laura Dwyer 1-4 Richard Foster

Jordan Waller 0-4 Daniel Keaney

Stewart May 3-3 Tony Newbegin

Laura Dwyer 0-4 John Riches

Liam Jewitt and ken Smith again wasn’t in attendance so all their games are void.

Grimsby 501 darts league has the winter league presentation for 2018-19 season on Saturday 18th May 2019. 6.30pm to late at Birdseye sports and social club. We invite all interested parties to come enjoy our presentation and show the guys your support.

Pictures and update to follow with Monday 20th may 2019 week 3 summer league fixtures.

We again thank our sponsors bobbie’s prize bingo Grimsby and the bathroom village Ltd Grimsby for their continued sponsorship.

We have up to 15 winter league places still open to start in October. Any interested parties please email

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