Mum says she has dilemma as one child is more attractive.


Mum says she has a dilemma as one child is more attractive.

A mum has said she is worried that her daughter is going to notice that people think her sister is prettier.

She shared her concerns on social media about her two daughters.

She said that her youngest daughter is a very pretty baby at 20 months old. Friends and relatives are telling her all the time to the detriment of her three-year-old.

The mum said she thinks both her girls are fabulous in every way. But many people only take an interest in the more attractive child. And she is worried about what impact it will have on her other child.

At a family party, three people commented while the elder child was there and she said I’m pretty too aren’t I mummy. She fears that it could cause irreparable damage to her elder daughter.

One follower on GrimsbyIndependent told us that she always felt inferior to her elder sister growing up. Because people would always remark how attractive her sister was while practically ignoring her.

Have you ever found yourself in this position with your children?

How do you think you should handle this situation or is it just part of life?


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