Husband hatches plan to stop mother in laws daily visits



Husband hatches plan to stop mother in laws daily visits.

Mother in laws are the material of many a joke but they are not as bad as all that are they?  One husband thinks they are, he has taken the hostility he has towards his wife’s mum to a new level.

He said it started when his mother in law and father in law who is ok coming to visit. Some of the problems are because privacy does not mean anything to them, and his wife will not set boundaries. He explained on Reddit that they come around everyday unannounced to play with the kids and visit his wife. My mother in law is constantly nagging and I never get a break, and there is no privacy from her he said.

So he hatched a plan his mother in law is arachnophobic and has a panic attack if she sees even a small spider so he bought a tarantula. He put it in an enclosure in the living room. It has worked her dad still goes, but her mum can’t stand to be in the same house as the tarantula.

Don’t you think this is a bit mean?

Have you got the mother in law from hell?


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