Being rich is not the key to happiness.



Being rich is not the key to happiness.

I bet you thought being rich was the key to happiness. But according to a recent survey into the countrys well being a steady marriage is a reason why people feel happy and satisfied.

A steady marriage is below only good health in the happiness rankings. Although money does make us happy it is the way you spend it that counts. Those people who stay in hotels or go to restaurants scored higher happiness ratings than those people who have the same amount of money but spend it on extra food, mobile phones or insurance.

Happiness ratings have been taken since 2011. Five years ago employment was rated as more important than marriage. But the survey by the Office For National Statistics found marriage has now overtaken having a job in making us feel happy. It is believed that living with another person who has promised to stick by us no matter what. Is the foundation of reliable love and therefore bound to improve our chances of a happy life.

Do you agree is this a good reason to marry?



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