Faster walkers live longer.


Faster walkers live longer.

Data from 500,000 people across the UK. collected by health experts from Loughborough University. Found that people who are underweight and walk slowly have the lowest life expectancy 72 for women 64 for men.

On average in the UK life expectancy is 79 for men and around 82 for women. Research has associated faster-walking pace with longer life expectancy for the first time, regardless of weight or waist size.

The findings could determine the importance of physical fitness compared to body weight on the life expectancy of people.

It is suggested in the findings that may be physical fitness indicates life expectancy better than body mass. And encouraging people to walk briskly may add years to their lives.

Slow walkers were twice as likely as fast walkers to have a heart-related death. Even when taking into account smoking and body mass index risk factors.

So you know what to do when out walking increase your pace.




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