Keep Your Chin Up, readings based on letters from WW2

JOIN Lincs Inspire at Cleethorpes Library on Thursday, June 6 from 7:30pm for a one woman show presented by Hull based writer Polly Pattison, based on the letters written by her mother during World War Two.

In 2015 Polly Pattison unexpectedly came across a bundle of letters written between the years 1940 – 1943, the early years of the Second World War. The letters were written by her mother Ethel, an ordinary working class woman living in Hull to her husband Ken, Polly’s father, a Desert Rat serving with the Eight Army in North Africa. Polly soon realised that what began as very personal letters had now after so many years gained great social and historical significance.

As a tribute to her mother and all the women who kept the home fires burning, Polly decided to share her mother’s experiences with a wider audience. Ethel usually signed off with messages of love and the encouraging ‘Keep Your Chin Up’, often difficult to do in those dark days.

The performance costs £5 and can be booked at Cleethorpes Library or by calling the Library on (01472) 323650. Advanced booking is advised due to limited spaces.

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