MPs say self-service checkouts should charge you 1p.



MPs say self-service checkouts should charge you 1p.

A group led by the Change UK MP Chuka Umunna says the £30m tax could go towards funding face to face connections between the elderly and young.

Self-service check out machines in supermarkets should charge 1p tax MPs have said, and it would heal the generation divide.

The MP says that Brexit has caused a generational split in the country.

The All Party Parliamentary Group issued the 56-page report on Social Integration.

The report says Brits spend an increasing amount of time with faceless technology, like coffee machines and Oyster cards, which is taking a toll on human interaction.

The MPs argue that we must divert our culture away from excessive individualism, which may lead to isolation. And a way of doing this could be to look at the idea of the 1p per transaction charge at supermarket self-service checkouts.

Elderly peoples housing charity Anchor said that self-service checkouts were intimidating, unfriendly, and a miserable experience.

The tax would go to local intergenerational projects and not in the government pot. MPs say that generational division spreads into most aspects of our daily lives. We either accept this as a sad fact of modern life or we attempt to do something about it.

Do you agree with this tax do you believe it will make a difference?



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