Thousands of dog walkers are holding leads wrong.



Thousands of dog walkers are holding leads wrong.

Thousands of people are hurt holding dog leads the wrong way. Owners are suffering serious hand injuries surgeons have warned.

They regularly have to treat fractures, lacerations, and dislocated fingers. In patients who have been injured while walking their dogs.

30 serious hand injuries caused by dog leads or collar misuse were treated at one hospital in one year. It is believed that hundreds of hospitals across the country are experiencing similar injuries.

It has been advised by surgeons that dog owners should not wrap the lead around their wrists, hands or fingers. Or hook the fingers under the dog’s collar. A common injury is spiral fractures of the finger bones caused by dog collars and leads. Even minor hand injuries can lead to six months of hand therapy.

One woman’s dog ran off on the lead. the lead ended up wrapped tightly around the middle fingers on her right hand and caused severe damage. The retractable lead she had used acted like a filleting knife.

To avoid injuries dog owners should avoid hooking fingers under a dogs collar, do not wind the lead particularly retractable ones around the hand or fingers. Only use retractable leads in open spaces because they can wrap dangerously around legs, trees, and furniture. Keep large dogs on a shorter lead to avoid them building up speed that can cause a wrenching force.





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