Parents to busy to read children a bedtime story turning to Alexa.


Parents to busy to read a bedtime story turning to Alexa.

BookTrust a children’s charity says that busy parents are increasingly relying on mobile phone apps and electronic home assistants, that respond to human voices to carry out the task of reading their child a bedtime story.

In a survey of parents with children under 10 almost half set out to read their child a bedtime story every night but only a third do so. 31% said commuting or work stops them getting home in time, and 205 are too busy. Virtual assistants like Alexa and other technology were tried by just over a quarter for bedtime stories.

The BookTrust director said swapping books for tech could have profound consequences. Reading a book together is an amazing way to bond. It helps build children’s language resilience, confidence, and imagination. Just ten minutes a day of reading a book together can make such a difference.

Do you always try and make time to read your child a bedtime story?

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