Burglaries by getting access to key safe.



Neighbourhood watch warning.

There have been recently been reports of a couple of residential burglaries were access has been gained by the key in the Keysafe.
The method in these burglaries has been the same.
The offenders have accessed the Key Safe outside the property and obtained the key. There has been no damage to the Key Safe itself so that would lend itself to believe that the offender/s knew the code.
Can you if you have a Key Safe outside your property ensure that the code it is not shared with anybody you don’t know or trust and not written down anywhere.



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    • Jan , May 31, 2019 @ 1:25 pm

      It’s not just the code they are using. My mums house was broken into whilst she was in bed. They used an iron bar to open the key safe and gain entry. Very very scary.

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