Grimsby 501 Darts League summer league week 4

Grimsby 501 Darts League summer league week 4

Week 4 saw A lot of close games result wise, The only player not in attendance was Graham Field who had a operation yesterday we wish him the best of luck and a speedy recovery he will return next week.

Monday saw 4 players hitting 100+ checkouts Fozzie (Richard Foster) and John Riches both with 116 was the highest of the night, Lee Burch with a 111 and Hayden Newbegin 100.

No 180s was recorded but some very good dart legs was hit by numerous of players.

John Riches still leads the pack after Monday’s action however has played 2 more games or more than anyone else.

Hayden Newbegin pictured above is the man still with a 100% winning record  after week 4. Beating Daz Mawer, Ken Smith and Stewart May.

Stewart May had a really tough night as he also lost to an ever improving Jordan Waller.

Ash Newbegin also had a good night result wise winning all 3 of his games.

Gary Smith who in previous games seemed to get a lot of draws saw his 1st win tonight against Laura Dwyer, however it wasn’t all bad for Laura as she beat Disney (Dave East) earlier in the night.

Callum Jewitt carried on his good form result wise with wins over Keaney (Daniel Keaney)  Mark Braithwaite and Ken Smith.

Tonight was Ken Smith first night in the league and unfortunately found it tough picking up just 1 point in 4 games drawing to Mark Braithwaite but losing to Hayden Newbegin, Callum Jewitt and Daniel Keaney.

Leaving Stu Cox still bottom on leg difference to Ken Smith as Stu lost both his games on the night.

Full results

John Riches 4-0  Ken Smith

Stewart May 1-4 Jordan Waller

Ash Newbegin 4-0 Alicia Briggs

Callum Jewitt 4-1 Daniel Keaney

Dave East 2-4 Laura Dwyer

Gary Smith 0-4 Richard Foster

Hayden Newbegin 4-1 Daz Mawer

John Riches 4-0 Jordan Waller

Mark Braithwaite 3-3 Dave East

Stewart May 0-4 Hayden Newbegin

Lee Burch 3-3 Alicia Briggs

Daniel Keaney 4-1 Tony Newbegin

Gary Smith 1-4 John Riches

Richard Foster 4-0 Jordan Waller

Daz Mawer 4-0 Stuart Cox

Laura Dwyer 2-4 Gary Smith

Mark Braithwaite 1-4 Callum Jewitt

Ken Smith 2-4 Daniel Keaney

John Riches 4-0 Alicia Briggs

Stuart Cox 2-4 Ash Newbegin

Tony Newbegin 3-3 Gary Smith

Callum Jewitt 4-0 Ken Smith

Lee Burch  4-1 Dave East

Hayden Newbegin 4-0 Ken Smith

Ken Smith 3-3 Mark Braithwaite

Lee Burch 1-4 Ash Newbegin

Full league table

1 John Riches played 11 points 21

2 Hayden Newbegin pl 9 pts 18

3 Callum Jewitt  pl 9 pts 17

4 Richard Foster pl 8 pts 15

5 Graham Field pl 7 pts 12

6 Daniel Keaney pl 7 pts 9

7 Ash Newbegin pl 9 pts 9

8 Mark Braithwaite pl 8 pts 8

9 Daz Mawer pl 8 pts 8

10 Dave East pl 9 pts 7

11 Tony Newbegin pl 8 pts 6

12 Lee Burch  pl 8 pts 6

13 Jordan Waller  pl 9 pts 6

14 Gary Smith   pl 9 pts 5

15 Stewart May pl 9 pts 4

16 Laura Dwyer pl 8 pts 3

17 Alicia Briggs pl 9 pts 2

18 Ken Smith pl 5 pts 1

19 Stuart Cox pl 8 pts 1

Our league Is proudly Sponsored by Bobbie’s Prize Bingo Grimsby. Located at scout hut hall on Carr lane on Saturday & Sunday evening’s.

We play at birdseye sports and social club every Monday.

We are looking for players to join our winter league which starts in October deposits and last entry day is Thursday 15th August 2019 however entries will stop on 32 players we currently have 25 entries. The winter league will start in October 2019 and run through to April 2020.

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