How often do you change your bedsheets?



How often do you change your bedsheets?

Sleeping in the same bedsheets for four weeks you could be sleeping in a whole load of nasty bacteria. Which is associated with infections such as gonorrhea or meningitis a new study found.

A bedding store Time4Sleep did some research and 24% of British people said that they waited a month before changing their sheets.

They decided to find out how unhygienic 4-week old bed sheets are.

A volunteer slept for 28 nights without washing or changing the bedsheets, duvet cover, or pillowcases to see how unhygienic it really was.  It turned out to be really bad.

Researchers found bacteroidales that are common in appendicitis and pneumonia. Also, fusobacteriales which are associated with skin ulcers and periodontal diseases, and nisseriales which could cause meningitis and gonorrhea. And added to all this the dirtier the sheet the more likely it is to attract bed bugs and mites.

To prevent it experts recommend that you wash bedding every week if you can. But if you do it every two weeks it’s ok. But leaving it any longer leaves you at risk of this bacteria.


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