No swimming in a decade for 1 in 3.



No swimming in a decade for one in three.

Many adults go for a weekly dip with their families. But 30% of adults have not been for a swim for more than a decade. Out of the 2,000 adults who took part in the survey 20% do not have the time, 13% prefer to exercise in other ways and 15% think public pools are too expensive.

Some of those surveyed said that they did not like using public changing rooms. Because either they felt too self-conscious, or they did not feel confident in the water. Some adults said they had never been swimming in a public pool in their lives. 20% of adults said they could not swim.

Rebecca Adlington the Olympic swimmer is supporting the campaign said it is surprising how many people can’t swim in this Country. Swimming does not come naturally to many people. To learn to swim as you get older is really daunting. But persevering can see great results in learning to swim and getting fit and healthy.

Are you one of the adults who never go swimming?




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