Do you believe in guardian angels?



Do you believe in guardian angels?

Some people believe that seeing a white feather is a sign that their lost loved one is there. Also that a Robin appearing is a sign that a lost loved one is near you.

Hence the saying robins appear when a loved one is near.

Or have you occasionally felt a tap on your shoulder and turned around and nobody is there. One Grimsby independent follower told us that when her mum died she woke the next morning and there was a white feather at the side of her bed. Another said they were cynical about believing in things like this then changed his mind after a good friend died and white feathers suddenly began appearing whenever he feels down or has a decision to make. Yet another told us they were stood in the churchyard at their father’s burial when a white feather floated in front of them.

Sally Morgan says we have to be in tune with ourselves to notice the signs which can come in many forms. A smell like perfume or tobacco of a loved one. A white feather or robin appears when you are thinking of a loved one. A presence when you walk into an empty room. A visit from your loved one in your dreams. Lights or electrical equipment switching on and off. She says that when you experience a sign from a spirit, it is their way of telling you they are with you still when you need them.

Do you feel like you have a guardian angel?

Do you often feel like a lost loved one is with you?

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