Would you spend £20,000 to save your pet ?



Would you spend £20,000 to save your pet?

We all love our pets so much after all they are one of the family, but would you pay £20,000 to save your pet?

Last month a teacher hit the headlines after she remarked that she would remortgage her house to pay the £20,000 that was needed to cure her chow chow’s painful elbow dysplasia which is a soft tissue abnormality.

Only a decade or two ago you would probably have had to have your pet put down if it was seriously ill. But now there are sophisticated operations available that can mend the previously unmendable. But usually, this will cost a considerable amount of money. Some of these incredible treatments have been made popular by channel 4’s the Supervet starring Noel Fitzpatrick. Not everyone has pet insurance to cover the high costs and sometimes insurances do not pay out due to small print or because of a pre-existing injury.

A couple spent £20,000 on their Husky he had been damaged by an abusive owner and was in pain when he walked, nobody wanted him because of his injuries. But they fell in love with him and paid for him to have new hips. Another spent £14,000 on their Yorkshire terrier when a 4×4 reversed over him he spent five days in intensive care they did not expect to be able to save him or his mangled leg but somehow they did. The idea of them not being able to save him was devastating the owner said.



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